Cleveland, Ohio September 5-7 2023

The Asset Valuation Summit Online

Grow your professional network and take your skills to the next level.

This is your opportunity to experience a conference like no other in our industry. Whether you finance, appraise or liquidate assets in any capacity, you’ll learn from industry experts touching on all components of valuation management.

Take practical knowledge with you after diving into the current market conditions and tricks of the trade. You will leave with technical know-how and applicable data to take back to your team and become better at your job.

Speakers from all over the country will gather in the Irontrax Asset Valuation Summit with the latest on trucking, cranes, machine tools, construction, technology, energy, and more! The best and brightest experts under one roof. See you in September?

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Why Cleveland?

The city’s downtown area is home to University Circle, a concentration of cultural, educational, and medical institutions, including the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, Severance Hall, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Centrally located in the mid-west easily accessible from points in the US and Canada with greater affordability than resort destinations.

East 4th A destination neighborhood with dinning, shopping and entertainment.

The following companies on the Fortune 500 list have corporate headquarters in Greater Cleveland as of 2017: Progressive Insurance, Sherwin-Williams, Parker Hannifin, and Key Corp.

Cleveland is home to eight Fortune 1000 company headquarters.

A suburban home in Cleveland was the setting for the beloved film “A Christmas Story.” It has since been purchased on eBay, renovated to an exact replica of the house in the film.

Summit Agenda
Session times are subject to change without notice.

East Foyer 2nd floor top of elevators

Gather around the table and engage in a collaborative discussion about the current state of the equipment finance industry. This session aims to create an open forum where attendees can share their unique perspectives, insights, and experiences. By fostering an environment of knowledge exchange, we aim to deepen our collective understanding of the challenges, trends, and opportunities shaping the equipment finance industry today.

In this breakout session, we will demystify the world of appraisal reports and equip you with the knowledge to discern a good appraisal from a bad one. Appraisal reports play a vital role in various industries, providing essential information for decision-making processes. We will explore the key elements of an appraisal report, understand the qualities that make a report reliable, and highlight common mistakes to avoid. Join us to enhance your appraisal literacy and gain insights into ensuring accurate and valuable appraisal reports.

Speaker: David Helle ASA, Irontrax

Delve into the dynamic world of the construction equipment industry, focusing on the latest trends that impact equipment values and exploring the common pitfalls to avoid. Join us as we uncover valuable insights and strategies to navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

Speakers: Wade Wittenburg, Ritchie Bros & Joseph Santora ASA, Irontrax

Round Table Discussion

Join us for an engaging round table discussion where we dive into the exciting world of alternative fuels. Discover how these innovative energy solutions are poised to shape the future of transportation and gain valuable insights into the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry. From electric vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell technology, biofuels, renewable natural gas, synthetic fuels, and power grid innovations, this session offers a comprehensive exploration of the alternative fuels landscape.

Explore the current state of the trucking market, examine the factors that have shaped its trajectory, and envisions its future direction. In this session, we will dive into a comprehensive analysis of the trucking industry, discussing its historical evolution, current challenges and trends, and future opportunities. Gain valuable insights to inform your strategies and decisions in this ever-changing landscape.

Speaker: Robert Sandlin ASA, Irontrax

Speaker: Ken Heyse, Plastics One

Taking impairments isn't fun but this session will give you the confidence to attack the problem head on.

Speaker: Will Teft, Pacific Western Bank

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